Corn Puff Snacks Manufacturing Line

Automatic On-Line Corn Puff Plant

Model No. GTL-5000-POPLT
Production:100-200 Kg/Hour

Description of Machinery
  • Raw Material Mixer
  • Input Conveyor for Extruder
  • Grain Puff Machine/Extrusion (main production machine)
  • Input Conveyor for Drying or Roasting
  • Drying or Roasting Section
  • Seasoning Section with Flavor Applicator
  • Output Conveyor for Seasoning
  • Packing Section (Auto Vertical Packing - Pillow Pack)

Batch Type Corn Puff Plant (Semi-Automatic)

Model No. GTL-5000-PBPLT
Production:100-120 Kg/Hour

Description of Machinery
  • Raw Material Mixer
  • Grain Puff Machine/Extrusion (main production machine)
  • Drying or Roasting Section
  • Seasoning Drum
  • Packing Section (Auto Vertical Packing - Pillow Pack)

Description of Manufacturing Process
In the mixer the raw materials are mixed and brought to the desired moisture level. The mix is then transferred to the extruder hopper; a level indicator ensures that the extruder does not run empty. In the extruder the raw materials are pressed through a die using high-pressure build-up by the screw and high temperature created by shear between sleeve and screw. 
The pressure drop at the die causes the snack to expand and the face cutters set the desired snack length and mass. After extrusion the snacks are baked for extra crispness and for shelf-life. 
They are then coated with palm oil, and then with flavor powder. 
Coating takes place in the rotating coating drum. Now the snacks are ready to be packed; this is best done immediately. It is recommended that a buffer silo is installed between packing equipment and processing line, mainly to overcome the differences in operational speed. 
Direct extrusion is the process whereby grits (of i.e. corn) is forced through a die into the final snack-shape, and flavorings are added to produce a tasty snack. 
Grain Puff Snack Food is a very good snack food to enter into a new market because its raw material is low cost and it can have many different looks which refresh consumers’ mind easily.
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