Vertical FFS Automatic Packing Machine (Volumetric Cup Filler)

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Model No. GTL-200-VLC (Powder, Granules) Volumetric Cup Filler
Application: Used Free Flowing Granules or Powder of uniform weight and size.
 Tablets, Snacks, Grains, Seeds, Panmasala, Tobacco, Jaljira, Cereals, Coffee Powder, Tea, Detergents, Pharmaceutical Powder, Namkeen, Henna, pepper, spices etc
Packaging Range: 10Gm - 500Gm

Product application Free Flowing Granules and Powder
Sealing Type 3 Side / 4 Side / Center Seal
Packing Size Width: 50 -160 mm or 160 -320 mm
Length: 40 -120 mm or 120 -240 mm
Feeding System Volumetric Cup Filler
Speed 40 Packets / min (depend upon filling weight and size of packet)
Main Motor ½ H.P
Power Consumption 1 KW Single Phase 220 V

Features Advantages Benefits
Operator Friendly / Low Easy to Operate / Less Servicing Very Low Down
Maintenance Machine Required Time / Increased Productivity
Wide product application range Versatile (Liquid, Powder, Grains, Paste) Multi Purpose
Customization (as per products) Wide dozing system options Can be used for various products thus giving full Utility
Machine is Elegant, Castor Mounted. Looks appealing, Easy to Install and move Less labor is required for displacement
Food Grade Stainless steel Contact parts No rusting Long Life, Hygienic Packing
Photo Registration Control system Automatic adjustment and correction of Pouch sealing Savings on wastage
Electronic Batch Coding Device(at an extra cost) To Print M.R.P, Month of Packing, Lot No. etc Helps In Detecting Manufacturing and Expiry Date
Nitrogen Flushing Device Increased shelf life Savings on expiry, rejection
On Line Adjustable Disc (Subject to requirement) To Correct Weight variation (Due to variation in Lot characteristics ) Accurate quantity per Pouch is ensured

Note: The specification is for reference only can be change by manufacturer before prior notice

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