Linear Snacks Fryer Machine

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Model No. GTL-2000-LFR
Production:100 – 300 Kg / Hr

Fuel:Electric, Oil Fuel (Kerosene, Diesel) or Gas Fuel (LPG, Propane).

Application:Kurkure, Potato Chips, Fryums Frying Machine also for other snacks

Output (Kg/h) Belt Width (mm) Belt Speed Frying Length
100-300 200-400 1-5 mt/min 1.5 - 5 mts

  • Frying machine features stainless steel wire belt
  • Frequency speed control
  • Automatic oil temperature control system
  • By applying different types of wire belt, this machine can be used for frying convenient food such as Snacks, Kurkure,
  • Fryums, Potato Chip, French Fries, chicken nuggets, fish products, meat balls, hamburgers and even spring rolls.
  • Removable conveyor design simplifies clean process.

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