Vertical Collar Type Packing Machine With Multi Head Weigh Filler (High Speed)

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14 Head - Multihead Computer Weigher with Collar type packing Machine as per following technical specification
Model Weighing Range 10 grams – 1000 grams
Max. Machine Speed 120wpm
Max. Prod. Piece Length 80 mm
Volume 3000cc
Control / Display Full Touch Screen
Drive Mechanism Stepper / Servo Motor
No. of Weigh Heads 14

Technical specification of Packing Machine :
Packing material Potato Chips Type Snacks
Film size 100mm-450mm width x 100mm-250mm length
Film Roll Type Heat Sealable Laminated film
Speed 60 to 70 Pouch per minute

Other Related Information :
Packing Range Power Consumption Multi Head Bucket Elevator
3 Ph. 3.5 KW 1 Ph. 1 KW 1 Ph. 0.5 KW
Air Required 7cfm@7kg
Machine Dimensions(WxDxH)mm approx 5450mmx2400mmx4200mm
Machine Weight Bag meter with platform Multi Head Bucket Elevator
1100 Kg 200 Kg 700 Kg
Film Multilayer Film (2/3/4 layers) Virgin films also

Note: The specification is for reference only can be change by manufacturer before prior notice.

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Multi Head Weigh Filler