Potato Chip Manufacturing Line

Automatic On-Line Potato Chips Plant

Model No. GTL-5000-PCOPLT
Production:100-200 Kg/Hour

  • Plain Type Potato Chips
  • Wrinkle (zigzag) type Potato Chips

Description of Machinery
  • Feeding Conveyor
  • Material Washing Machine
  • Storage Tank
  • Potato Peeler
  • Working Table
  • Inspection Conveyor
  • Feeder
  • Slicer
  • Blanching Machine
  • Water Dehydrator Belt
  • Oil Fryer Inlet
  • Conveyor
  • Oil Fryer (Exhaust/Oil Supply/Oil Filter)
  • Seasoning Inlet Conveyor
  • Seasoning Sprayer
  • Seasoning Drum
  • Outlet Conveyor
  • Packaging Section

Batch Type Potato Chips Plant (Semi-Automatic)

Model No. GTL-5000-PCBPLT
Production:100-120 Kg/Hour

Description of Machinery
  • Potato Washing Tank
  • Potato Peeler
  • Potato Slicer
  • Water dehydrator Machine (Hydro)
  • Batch Type Oil Fryer
  • Seasoning Drum with Flavor Applicator
  • Packaging Section

Description of Manufacturing Process
  • Fresh Potato is ready for washing
  • Peeler for taking off potato skin
  • After peeling, the inspection conveyor is used for quality control
  • Slice potato piece by piece
  • Starch washing and waited for fry
  • Water draining and ready for fry
  • Frying for crisp purpose
  • De-oil to reduce oil percent and good for health
  • Seasoning for delicious purpose
  • Packing and ready for sale

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Potato Chips
Potato Chips